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What We Are | A Family Owned Kratom Business

Established in 2015, Ohio Botanicals LLC is a family owned kratom business that consists of one Army veteran and a wife (The Boss)! Our business sets the standard that the rest should follow!
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Family Owned
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Our Product | Top Quality Kratom

Speciosa is Speciosa, no matter where you order from? There is some truth to that. All Speciosa comes from Indonesia. There are many suppliers in Indonesia to order Speciosa from but which ones are experienced and pick the best leaves, know the proper drying process, stem removal, or grinding techniques? Which suppliers process their Speciosa in a clean facility, prevent air and light exposure and store their Speciosa properly to keep it fresh?
Once you find the supplier who does everything above properly, what about how it is handled when it is received by your state side vendor? Is the Speciosa packaged immediately upon arrival in air tight, light resistant packaging? Is it packed and handled in a clean environment? Does the vendor order in Speciosa by the ton to get the best price but then sacrifice freshness with product that has been sitting on the shelf? Do they provide great communication, customer service, quick order delivery, and a nice selection of products?
These are all things that we feel are important in a American Speciosa vendor. We have put in the time and research to make sure we source our Speciosa from the best suppliers in Indonesia. We live by all these values and are here to give you the best service and product we can. Thank you for being our customer!
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Our Promise | We Put Our Customers First

We strive to provide the freshest product at the lowest prices possible. We’ll even guarantee it!
We highly respect and love our customers, after all you are what allows us to be here. If you are ever not satisfied with one of our products, let us know so we can work to make amends and find a solution that works for all of us. We strive to make every customer a happy customer.
Freshness Guaranteed!
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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We are constantly answering any questions on social media and email.
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We appreciate our veterans so we offer a discount for military!
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We honor our loyal customers and therefore offer you rewards for your purchases!

Meet The Owner

Hannah Rich is the President of Ohio Botanicals. She and her husband, Korey, took ownership of the business in September of 2018. She did shipping services for the company prior to the offer of ownership. She was previously a dental hygienist and has a second degree in general science. She has always aspired to have a career in natural and holistic approaches to daily life and was ecstatic to take ownership of a botanicals business.

Hannah has a passion for learning different aspects of holistic living. She enjoys continuously researching new and innovative products to hit the market. She wants to continue to grow and has fun ideas for different avenues of herbal and botanicals offerings.

She takes pride in her daily interactions with customers and has continued to offer the exceptional customer service that Ohio Botanicals is known for. She enjoys her roles of being President of the company, a wife to an Army veteran, and a caring mother. Aside from keeping busy with the company, she enjoys roasting coffee while supporting small coffee farmers, sewing, and blogging. She hopes to continue making a difference in others’ lives by being able to offer those who want a more natural way of living a way to do so.

Ohio Botanicals Owner
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